Magical Morocco, 8 Days

Magical Morocco, 8 Days

Over the years, Morocco has evolved into a world class travel attraction ranking first in the world according to Tripadvisor in 2015!! and for good reasons. Travelers continue to be seduced by Morocco’s unique architecture, vivid colors, dizzying labyrinthine medina (which still intimidates me and I’m a native of Marrakech), mesmorized by the gazing night stars of the Sahara, and bewildered by the miles long and mostly untouched coastline.

Through our carefully designed program, we will expertly navigate the medina’s labyrinth of souks and visit some hidden gems such as my own grandfather’s house that has been converted to a museum, eat at some amazing rooftop restaurants with magical views, and partake in local traditions such as charming snakes (kidding). Once we have soaked it all in, we will visit the Sahara, ride camels the way they were ridden for thousands of years, and gaze at the world-famous Sahara Stars. Afterwards, we will head to the coast for a chance to wash off all that sand, learn how to surf, or just soak in the warm Atlantic Sun.


Before departure, you will receive a brochure that goes over all destinations in great detail. We believe that putting destinations in their historical and cultural context brings them to life and makes them that much more memorable. It’s your homework, read it!! There will be a test.


Day 1: Pick up from either Marrakech’s or Casablanca’s airport. Just make sure you let us know which one you will be landing in. Please plan on arriving before 3Pm in order to attend the meet and greet dinner at the Riad with trip host and also a chance to meet your fellow tour companions. Dinner and reception will be at 7Pm. Please note that Casablanca’s airport is 2.5 hours away from Marrakech.

Day 2: After Breakfast at the Riad, we will meet our tour guide and take a joy stroll to see Marrakech’s main attractions. We will be walking most of the morning and well into the afternoon so wear comfortable shoes and drink plenty of water. For the evening, enjoy dinner at a fantasia and belly dancing show or go back to Jemma Elfna to see how it transforms at night (Just ask Andrew Zimmerman)

Day 3 and 4: The group will start a 2 day excursion to the majestic Sahara. Starting with the road of 1000 Kasbahs, through the middle Atlas, and ending in the Merzouga Sahara.

Day 5,6,7: We will head to the Coastline city of Taghazout, a worldclass surfing spot, where you will get an opportunity to learn how to surf, yoga, or discover the surroundings and maybe encounter tree climbing goats.

Day 7: We will head back to Marrakech . Another chance at exploring Jemaa Elfna square and the medina souk, or just soak in the Marrakech Hot sun at the Riad’s pool.

Day 8: Departure Day

What’s Included

  • A chance to travel with like-minded individuals, network, and build life lasting friendships.
  • Hotel accommodations in a 4 star Riad or better.
  • All land transfers and ground transportation.
  • Perfect balance between planned activities and free time.
  • Local professional guides with the supervision of your trip host.
  • Tour brochure that includes trip’s itinerary and literature of all places visited.
  • All gratuities and tips for guides and drivers.